If you always wanted to build a robot then we have an awesome weekend for you! Get Your Bot On! Robotics Hackathon is a chance for newbies, hobbyists and pros alike to come together, build a robot and have some fun.

Healthy is presented in partnership with MaRS September 11-13, 2015.  At the hackathon we will explore:

  • Healthy People
  • Healthy Homes
  • Healthy Schools
  • Healthy Workplaces
  • Healthy Environment
  • Healthy Play

At the Get Your Bot On! Robotics Hackathon students, adults, families and corporate teams will creatively apply their innovation, design and prototyping skills to conceive of and build a robot. Every team is provided with a kit of tech including hardware, electronics, and building materials – everything you need to build your robot. A team of experienced mentors will be on-hand to help too!

On the Friday evening you’ll meet fellow robohackers, form a team (if you don’t have one), and come up with ideas. All day Saturday and on Sunday morning you’ll be building, testing and rethinking your ideas. By Sunday afternoon everyone will get to see your awesome creation, and prizes will be awarded based on design, innovation and technical wonder.

This is a BYOC event (bring your own computer). We will provide a basic kit of robot tech for each team, but you are welcome to bring your own parts, if you have them.

There are only 5 rules for all robots that will be built:

  • the robot must move in some way
  • the robot must use a microcontroller
  • the robot must be able to sense something in its environment or receive input
  • the robot must be demonstrated on the final day of the hackathon
  • the robot must in some way relate to the theme of “Healthy”

You don’t need any technical background. Just bring your creativity and your ideas!

We haven’t worked out all the details for prizes yet but here is an idea of what we are looking for:

  • Design for Human Interaction – This is the “How delightful!” and ” What a beautiful robot!” prize
  • Innovation (the most novel or compelling concept) – This is the “What Genius!” and “How come I didn’t think of that!” prize
  • Technical Excellent – This is the “How did you do that?!” and ” Robots will bow down to you.” prize


Get Your Bot On! is a not-for-profit organization that produces robotics hackathons: Do-It-Together events where unlikely collaborators from diverse backgrounds build their robot prototype ideas. We can enable anyone to make robots with some open tech, a few tools, and a little help.

Through their prototyping experience our robohackers better understand this growing industry and someday may bring their insight, ideas and expertise to it. Robots are increasingly a part of our everyday lives and we believe everyone should have basic literacy in this exciting field. We also believe that anyone can make robots with the right tools and a little help. By bringing together unlikely collaborators from different backgrounds we have seen innovative and exciting ideas come to life.

Prototyping is a key theme in all our events. Other hackathons have you sitting solemnly behind your computer screen, plunking away at your code. Get Your Bot On! will have you rolling up your sleeves and getting sweaty trying to get your bot to Bust a Move!

We, the team behind the hackathon, love robots, are passionate about building things, and wanted to meet some people who feel the same.  We are all volunteers and have been working hard hammering out the details of the weekend so you can have fun.


If you are interested in joining our Core Team we have a number of positions available including Communications, Photography, and Videography.

We are also looking for mentors and volunteers.

Check out the available positions here at Join Our Team.

Adriana Ieraci, Founder, Hackathon Director

AdrianaAdriana  founded Get Your Bot On! because she is inspired by the creative makers in the Toronto tech community. Adriana is also founder of Conveyor Built, a design firm and innovation skills development consultancy that helps product teams work better together and build their product ideas. The Conveyor Built team is currently working on their own wearable tech product.

You can find Adriana on Twitter @adrianai

Daniel Mirmilshteyn, Technology

Daniel is a fourth year mechanical engineering student at the University of Toronto. He has worked with the University of Toronto Robotics Association (UTRA) Autonomous Rover Team, which competed in the International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition in Vancouver. He designed the software algorithms used, as well as developed communications systems to work with the on-board sensors. He continues to work with the team, co-leading the mechanical team and leading the software team. Daniel also has a passion for game development, developing exciting online multiplayer games in his spare time.

Sylvia Kwan, Director, Kids Innovation

Sylvia KwanSylvia Constancio Kwan is an Ontario certified teacher who is on the Innovation team at the T.D.S.B. Sylvia’s teaching experience includes STEM and French Immersion. Sylvia was seconded to York University to work on the Assessment of Science and Technology project and has written science materials for McGraw-Hill Ryerson Publishers and developed curriculum, assessment and support materials for science and French programs at her board.

Sylvia is keenly interested in Innovation and runs the Toronto Innovation meetup.  She is particularly interested in robotics, Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality in Education. Other areas of interest include equity, cultural and gender related issues in learning, and thinking curricula such as design, integrative, critical, and systems thinking.  Sylvia actively mentors young innovators and you can frequently catch her after school hours helping a team of urban students building their own mobile devices, businesses, or STEM projects.

Connect with Sylvia at @sylviakwanedu or on LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Rachel Wang, Community Partnership and Social Media Director

rwangcaRachel is a student studying software development at Seneca College and after participating in various hackathons she wanted to recreate those experiences for others. When she’s not writing code or tweeting about the latest in tech she enjoys mentoring other students as part of the SMILE mentoring program. Rachel is also a proud member of Seneca WIT and is fascinated by the future of IoT.

You can connect with her on twitter @rwangca & LinkedIn.

Christine VanWalraven, Equipment, Communications

Christine Van WalravenChristine is a librarian, educator, artist, designer, and advocate for kid and family friendly maker spaces. She can paint edible portraits, dress herself in traditional Japanese kimono, is a fantastic storybook reader, and can organize just about anything. A graduate of the U of T Master of Information program, she currently works at the Caledon Public LIbrary as a reference and children’s librarian. She is also a member of the Kwartz Labs maker community in Kitchener-Waterloo where she helps out at events like “Ada Lovelace Day”, “Hacky Halloween”, and “SoOnCon”.

Nadia Wong, Operations and Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator

NadiaWongNadia is an avid knowledge grubber. She has a deep love for science and discovery and wishes to share that with the world. She believes curiosity brings excitement and hopes to encourage everyone she encounters to start asking questions. Nadia has traveled through her academic career with the goal of one day helping the world. As a result, she has found herself working for a PhD in Psychology at McMaster University aiming to develop rehabilitative applications based on Brain-Computer Interfaces. When Nadia is not exploring her passion in the sciences, she spends her time exploring the world of baking desserts. You can find her on Twitter at @nanapedia.

Michiko Yano-Shuttleworth, Operations and Materials Library

Has been a Production Designer at TVOntario for over 30 years, she has designed sets,props,special effects and  costumes with the dual focus of entertainment and education. She has also worked as a freelance designer on films, television commercials, theatre and dance productions. Currently retired from TVOntario she continues to work as a design consultant on freelance projects and  is curating a Traveling Japanese Toy Museum. Some of her recent projects include being designer on Today’s Special, Polka Dot Door, Reading Rangers, TVOKids, Gissell’s Big Backyard, Polka Dot Shorts, Tumble Town Tales, The Agenda and many more!

Brett Hagman, Technology

(Bio coming soon) Co-Founder and Lead Engineer at Wattage Inc., Lead Developer for Wiring, Engineer for Rogue Robotics


Nick Yee, Advisor


Nick is currently AVP Information Management Practice at Manulife Financial, but also has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the software industry. He started to get involved with the hackathon out of interest for collaborative innovation and the maker movement.

You can find Nick at @nywhoever .




Communications Team


Danielle Picard, Writer and Photographer

(Profile Coming Soon!)


Josh Wahler, Photographer

(Profile Coming Soon!)

You can connect with him on Twitter at @JoshWahler23 and his blog here!


Rhea Puri, Photographer

(Profile Coming Soon!)




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